Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Please do so from time to time as I will be adding content of one kind or another on a weekly, if not daily, basis. I would love to hear your thoughts/comments and suggestions.

Like all fledgling authors, the primary purpose of this site is to provide snippets from various writing projects and hopefully draw some interest. Beyond that, my goal is to share content that is either interesting, informative, or entertaining.  I plan to steer clear of political discussions and other topics that can potentially inflame. There’s enough of that going around in social media these days.

Cancer has struck many of those near and dear to me, including myself and my dear wife JoAnn. Thus cancer advocacy is a prominent topic. The art of writing, science, music, and racing are the other key focus areas.

I hope you enjoy!




2 thoughts on “Wit and Wisdom(?)

  1. Bob I am so humbled and pleased that you have shared with me your writings. What an intimate journey you are portraying and sharing. You have a new fan.


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